About ACU

Anime Clubs Unite is the premiere organization for anime clubs from all over the world to gather and talk about club issues and help anime fans start and better their anime clubs. ACU is home already to over 100 anime clubs.  However, it is not composed only of anime club leaders, it also includes representatives of the anime industry.  Representatives of Anime Club support programs from licencors are essential to ACU and welcome to take part. Already, representatives of ADV Films’ ADVocates and FUNimation Entertainment’s Operation Anime are part of the organization.

Founded in January 2004 by Chris Wanamaker, Anime Clubs Unite started as a mailing list for anime clubs worldwide through the services of Yahoo Groups. The representatives of Anime Clubs Unite have made the decision to make ACU a worldwide organization for anime clubs thus creating a global website. Anyone who wants to learn how to start their own anime club, how to better their anime club, or just looking for an anime club to join are welcome to unite with other anime clubs in Anime Clubs Unite.