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So much anime!

If you find that there is a lot of anime you don’t know about, you can always look them up at My Anime List or Anime News Network. I find their information to be the most useful, and you can even sign up for an account and catalog your collection!

Having trouble keeping up? puts out an awesome anime chart as images every new season airing in Japan. For example, here is the upcoming/current Spring 2013 Anime Lineup!
Just a slight warning on this site – it can contain some mature images, so browse carefully.

Also, another VERY helpful site is AnimeCalendar. It lists all anime and when it is airing in any given time zone (you can set). It’s really helpful for catching simulcasts.

I least try to watch one new anime per season, to keep myself current, but there is yet a lot of anime I have not seen!

These are websites members of my club find useful, and maybe yours will too!

–Jenn Gedonius
Japanese Anime People of Chicago