Sakuramento Anime

When and where do you meet?
Rancho Cordova Library every Sunday from 3:00-7:00. Through the side entrance (the library proper is closed on Sundays)

Sacramento, California
About your club:

We have done anime card demos, art critiques, and how to make AMVs before, but most of the time we just watch anime or discuss related themes.  Snacks are generally available   We ask people to keep the chatter to a minimum when we are showing something, but we like to take breaks between two episodes of a single anime for socializing, bio breaks, and snacks.  We use the library big screen.  We try not to show anything shown on cable, tending towards showing recent or older material if available.  Meetings tend to be small, between 5 and 12 people with the lower end more common.  The library is the club’s sponsor.