North Jersey Anime and Manga

When and where do you meet?
New Jersey (northern)

“Monthly anime meetup — usually 3rd Sunday of the month in Bergen County, NJ from 3PM to about 7:30PM

Other events — fun activities with the group like karaoke, picnics, and conventions in New Jersey, New York City, or where the conventions are held. Time and day varies, but it’s usually a Saturday.”
About your club:

Monthly anime meetups — watch an hour of an anime from before 2000 and an hour of anime from 2000 or after; order food; talk and socialize

The group is very diverse in terms of personalities and tastes. We are very friendly. You can find members who are avid cosplayers. There are those who love video games. Name it and you’ll probably be able to meet a member who is also interested in it.