University of Houston-Clear Lake, Clear Lake Anime Watchers

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Misty Woods
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We are located at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, 2700 Bay Area Blvd, Houston, TX 77058. We meet on Fridays, 2pm-5pm, in the Student Service Building in room 2310.
About your club:

Greetings from CLAW! We are the Clear Lake Anime Watchers(CLAW)! CLAW strives to be an inclusive place for all, and chooses its viewing selections accordingly. CLAW has an open door policy, if you want to come you can, even if you're not a student! So feel free to bring your friends and let everyone know about CLAW! We currently have an off campus showing once a month to watch anime we would normally be unable to watch on campus. We do not have any official events planned but do have some in the making for this coming semester! If you are interested in watching anime and socializing, come join us!