North Crowley Highschool Anime Club

Contact Name
Ayesha Mariwa
Contact Phone Number
When and where do you meet?
North Crowley Highschool
Room A207
Wednesday, Afterschool
About your club:

Our club is very active, we plan to have field trips to anime conventions, our club members have cosplayers, gamers and artists, we watch with both dubs or subs by the majority votes. We meet every other Wednesday although that would be temporary. Our club has a $10 fee. We host art activities, and other games related to anime like quizzes and feedbacks after watching an anime with snacks!. The overall atmosphere is very chaotic and fun! Every club member have little things that they do on the side-line so I can't say that everyone does the same things, but we all have brief club discussions if anyone has any questions. It all refers to the clubs prosperity!