Otakuholics Anonymous

Contact Name
Tierney Jackson
About your club:

"The atmosphere is very laid back. We're always excited to welcome new members, and we do our best to make everyone feel comfortable.

At a typical weekly meeting, there will be lively conversation about some nerdy topic going on in addition to the lineup for the night. Some people join in the conversation, others choose to watch the anime. While our screenings are primarily subbed, we do have some members who prefer dub.

Our Facebook group is extremely lively. People share funny and interesting anime/Japanese culture finds every day. We have plenty of members who can't make it out to physical events and simply enjoy our community virtually.

We have some talented cosplayers, some of whom create their own costumes. There are plenty of gamers, comic nerds, and manga geeks. We're also interested in learning more about Japanese culture when we can.

When and where do you meet?
"We have various events at varied locations, so we cannot give a single address! We're mostly in Cordova, but host events all over the city- we've been in Midtown, East Memphis, and downtown before.

We currently offer two weekly screenings: Classics Night on Wednesdays and Anime Night on Sundays. Classics Night, of course, focuses on retro series. Anime Night keeps up with the latest releases."