Louisville Anime Commnuity

Contact Name
Lead Organizer Randall
About your club:

"This is a group for fans of all ages who appreciate Anime (Japanese Animation), whether you're new to the genre or an ""oldy moldy"" who subbed VHS back in the day. We endeavor to connect people with similar tastes, and expand fun opportunities (Cons, meetups, etc) for anime related events in the Louisville / Southern Indiana region.
We've had food meets, movies at theaters, summer park events, classes/panels, anime samplers, convention groups, manga swaps, and we're working on gaming parties and cosplay build offs, with more still yet to come. "

When and where do you meet?
We meet in a variety of places such as: restaurants, theaters, libraries, homes, parks, hackerspaces, as we have a wide variety of events for attendees. We tend to have more of our events over the weekend due to availability.