Decatur Anime Lounge (DAL)

Contact Name
Justin Ogle
About your club:

We have club meetings every Sunday from 12:00 P.M. till 6:00 P.M. We will be screening shows that would be suitable for people of 16 years of age or older (with other guidelines followed in disclaimer). This club is completely free and you get to vote on shows which you want to see. If you are interested, please come by_ on Sunday at 12 or 1:00 P.M. Please join us in the back room.

Barely any cosplayers, few play video game players, and we have an interest in Japanese culture.

We are a Hybrid club. Depending on how a show is voted in is what determines it being subbed or dubbed.

We vote on our vote list and watch anime from it. When a certain number of shows are off the list, the group has a list edit night. List edit night is where 30 shows are gathered from the members before hand presented to the group to vote for. The members vote on what leaves and stays on the list while the group president/leader only breaks ties.

Every so often the group has themed pot luck nights where we marathon anime movies and OVAs. Plan group con trips, movie outings, and eating out after D.A.L. ends."

When and where do you meet?
"We meet at: 1211 Broadus Ave Decatur, AL 35603 (for the moment)
On Sunday
At 12:00 noon till 6:30 PM (we do go food-ing afterwards)"