Ferndale High School Anime Club

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Club Name: Ferndale High School Anime Club
Contact Name: Aria Bane-Knockeart
Contact Email: fallout.four@yahoo.com
Contact Phone Number: 248-326-4018
When and where do you meet? : Ferndale High School: Mr. Kelly’s room after school on Tuesdays, and Mrs. Veresh’s room during lunch on Wednesdays.
About your club::

We have different focuses for each lunch meeting. They can be for showcase (watching an episode of a given anime), games (usually a kahoot or something based on anime tropes and character archetypes), art (everyone has to draw), music (showing off member’s favorite anime-related music), or whatever else a member would want to do. After school, we watch entire series, beginning to end. In terms of dubs vs subs, it’s usually chosen by popular vote, although a pattern shows that we prefer dubs for comedies, and subs for everything else.