Japanese Anime People of Chicago

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Japanese Anime People of Chicago
Contact Name:
Jenn Wasacz
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When and where do you meet? :
Usually the club meets on the weekends and we have at least one meeting per month.

Usually the meetings are held at private residences of members.
About your club::

Established in October of 2000, Japanese Anime People of Chicago (JAPC) is a non-profit, independent, privately owned and operated Anime and Manga club for connecting fans in the Chicagoland area.

Members often describe this club as a group of friends hanging out and having fun.  Members of this club meet in a casual, informal setting: members’ apartments, restaurants, movies, festivals, conventions, etc.

The Forums are the primary communication method among members for all networking, events, and discussions. To view or participate in our events and activities, you must be a member of our forums and agree to our Rules & Guidelines.