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When and where do you meet? : We meet in the Education building at the University of Alberta in room Education N2-115 from 6 pm until 9 pm on Monday’s. Come early at around 5pm to socialize and get to know club members

We hold weekday office hours in the basement of SUB (student’s union building) in the office room 40-M. This is across from the bookstore. “
Contact Name: Chantale Pard
When and where do you meet? : Keshen Goodman Public Library, The First Thursday of Each Month (During the School Year) and Every Thursday Evening in the Summer (6:30-8:00 PM)
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Contact Name: M. Corradetti
When and where do you meet? : St. Joan of Arc Catholic High School, 460 MAPLETON AVE., ROOM 201, THURSDAYS 2 -315 PM
Contact Name: Stephanie LeBrocq
When and where do you meet? : Ecole Queen Elizabeth – Tuesdays at lunch hour// Centennial School – Wednesdays at lunch hour // We will be expanding to other schools within the next year ^_^