Anime Clubs Unite Status Update – 2017

Hello all! This is ACU Admin Jenn here with a quick update.

We want to apologize for not adding clubs that have been submitted to this website. Apparently, the Google form we were using was not sending out notifications of new submissions to our Admin, and it’s been a few years since we received a notification. Since 2015 in fact. We want to deeply apologize for this, and will be updating the backlog of listings in the next week. It is entirely our fault for not checking the logs, and having the necessary staff to do so. There really isn’t a good excuse for this lack of updates other than “life happens”.

As you can see, our last blog update was in the fall of 2015. To be honest, I took this over from Chris Wanamaker back in 2013, I hoped to renew ACU as a global community. I hoped to keep the ACU community active and have it thrive. I, alone maintain the website and social media for ACU, plus several other organizations. Bottom line is life got busy, and regrettably, projects like this fell to the wayside. Life hadn’t been very kind to me for a long while things are slowly getting better, there are still hurdles for me, personally. I even had to step down from running my own anime club in 2015.

In my spare time, I have posted stuff to the Facebook Page I felt was of interest, and have tried to keep ACU followers updated with events they can plan for their club. It was easy for me to update the Facebook Page, since it was the social media that I accessed most often, could access from my mobile device, and feel it reached the most amount of people at one time, rather than a long blog post.

I opened up the forum in 2015, and that fell short of the expectation we at ACU anticipated. There was little interest shown in the forum, and it then fell into technical issues that never got addressed.

The good news is we are still here and up and running, and still taking submissions. We encourage everyone to UPDATE your listing. I am working on getting the community discussion forum up and running, and we are currently looking for other contributors to help with the website and moderation of the forum. This is a lot for only one person to maintain, but I’ve been managing, and it’s not my best work I admit. I have been doing AUC a grand disservice by letting it fall idle without asking for help.

So, if you are interested in helping us with anything from updating this blog to moderating the forum, we could really use your help! I am open to any suggestions and feedback you have!

Again, I can’t apologize enough for the lack of updates and non-communication that has happened here. In the next few months, I will work hard to rebuild ACU to its former glory. All I ask if for your patience and understanding while it’s rebuilt. Thank you for all your support these past years!